31 August 2006

Goodbye Schubert Road

It is not only myself moving countries today but also my Mum, Dad and Brother are off up to bonnie Scotland. So it's goodbye to them and the family home where I grew up.

Hello and welcome to Whereismal?

I thought I'd setup somewhere where I can publish an update on what I have been up to since moving from the UK to the Netherlands.

I find myself sending emails to friends/family about what I've been doing recently, then another friend gets in touch and I have to repeat myself. So the idea of Whereismal? is that I have one place where I can put thoughts, pictures and video that all my friends and family can read at their leisure - Enjoy!

Please, please, please keep the emails coming and let me know how you, the Queen and her country are doing back home. I promise to reply to all now because I can omit repeating myself and point you in the direction of Whereismal? for more details.

You can also add comments to any of the updates on Whereismal? by clicking the comments link at the end of every update. But please bear in mind my mother will be reading Whereismal? so keep the comments about whores and weed for email please!

Firstly though, here are a few geeky things to help you get the most out of Whereismal? ->

The easiest way to view Whereismal? is simply to type "whereismal.com" (without the quotes) into any web browser. But this does mean that you won't know when I've added new stuff.

If you want to be emailed when I add new content then please click here to send me the email address that you would like to be notified of Whereismal? updates.

Finally, this site has an RSS/Atom feed so that means you can create a bookmark folder for Whereismal? that will include a list of bookmarks for the latest updates. The feed address is http://whereismal.blogspot.com/atom.xml

(If you don't know anything about RSS/Atom feeds then click here for a good basic guide on the BBC website or here for a more technical guide about this specific feed)

Spot the difference?

So after several hours of buggering about with this blog ensuring the template lines up I have decided to leave it as is. If there are any geeks out there that can help me out with the differences between IE and Firefox then please do. Firefox displays the top right image perfectly as below:

Yet IE seems to shift the image as below but I'm no expert and can't figure out why? But I know a few geeks out there so c'mon help me out! There's a Amstel beer in it for you if you can solve my mystery ;-)

But it's a glorious day outside so the less time in front of a computer the better :-)