29 August 2007

Hi honey I'm home

I'm back from from my hols and the dot com bomb has dropped. You can now reach this blog directly from www.whereismal.com

That is not the only thing dropping around here either. Checkout the photo below of the first of my many many many holiday highlights.

Yes that is me @ Winterberg. Emma was the photographer and I'm over the moon with the sequence. Mainly cos if you zoom in far enough you can see the little bit of poo coming out my shorts ;-)

There are plenty more updates to follow shortly but I need to catch up on some serious sleep first. Zzzzzz

09 August 2007

Whereismal.com is currently down

With Emma flying overhead as we speak, I can finally reveal to all what I got for her birthday. I got pretty lucky on an eBay sale and bought her the following bundle of joy:

As you probably read this we'll be either in Germany biking at Winterberg or over the channel in the motherland. Maybe popping in on Notts, definitely seeing my folks but mainly playing in and around Fort William with Emma's sister, hubby and wee bairn. Finally culminating in a good old mosh at the Leeds festival. Hopefully we'll squeeze in a run or two down the World Cup track and the Glentress freeride park.

See you all in nearly three weeks and I'll try not to take too many photos to put here! Over and out..

08 August 2007

43kmph flying bananas

Last weekend was another short trip for me to the Filthy Trails. I'm off to Scotland and various other places soon on hols soon but I wanted to quickly get a few photos up here before I bugger off. I wanted to write more and tweak some of the photos but I know I won't get the time before I go away so this is all yer getting...

I've gotta show off this pic I created - it's a blinder ->

That's Styles who heads up the Filthy Trails crew building the trails. I had a quick chat with him about the road gap. 43kmph is what it takes, do the math cos that's pretty fast. I remember being a kid and not being able to go that much faster on a flat road in top gear. I bottled in for lots of pussy reasons which I won't give you the pleasure of listing here. But mainly due to not wanting to spend my hols in hospital.

This is me tho, taken by Styles on his compact camera ->

Still not going too small and I was pretty close to taking on the big drop.

Maybe next time and I was pleased to hear they might build a middle sized drop between the two cos I am more than happy nailing the smaller one at speed now to the point of over shooting the landing and hurting my ankles. I need something in the middle to work on next.

A couple more favourite pictures are below. I was experimenting with using the flash in combo with the bright sunlight. If only I got the first one a fraction sooner :-( All of the pics can be viewed in slideshow format here.

07 August 2007

Sausage Fest

From fat sausages...

...to skinny ones...

...a veritable sausage fest. Last weekend was the Amsterdam Gay Pride and zillions of people lined the streets to watch the canal parade.

Some people went to great lengths to watch by clinging to anything up high...

I managed to get a spot up a tree at one point to take some photos. But some sights were quite scary...

But my two favourites are below:

Click here to see a slideshow of the rest of my photos. Watch out for the floating red bull mini, the fabulous transvestite costumes and the gay Rooney fan!