20 February 2008

Sams 1st Birthday

It's been a long time coming but I finally have uploaded the photos from Sams 1st birthday. Now I am officially plus 1 over here and Emma has arrived in Amsterdam I've been busy having fun away from my computer. But with Emma's help last night I finally got round to publishing this message, even if the birthday party was way back in October!

I'd have to say that taking pictures of a biker jumping or a kayaker in white water is actually easier than taking pictures of kids. They just don't stay still! However, I am pleased with the following few favourites.

Here's the birthday boy himself far more interested in his bike than his cake ->

catch me

make a wish

With Ray and Grandad ->


look grandad

This is Olivia captured by Emma in the ball pit ->

balls everywhere

My favourite is this goody bag investigator ->

birthday curiosity

Or perhaps how the sun caught this balloonist just nicely ->

float away

All of the photos can be viewed here or in slideshow format here

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