15 July 2008

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend

the girls in bloom

Back in April, Emma's friends popped over for their annual Sunshine weekend and they certainly got lucky with the sun. We visited the famous Keukenhof flower park which is apparently the most photographed place in the world. Judging by the number of photos I took, I can see why!

photographer crazy

The problem is that once you've taken one photo of a tulip...

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend - 05

...then the rest look all the same!

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend - 03

But I tried some blurred variations like below:

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend - 15

beyond the tulip

Plus a bit of B/W photoshopping:

lonely red tulip

But I soon was over-flowered and started looking for people inspiration and there's hundreds of them there like below:

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend - 55

My mum would've loved it just like these below. Scorching hot weather and still in rain coats - just in case!

time for a rest

The girls enjoyed their time:

windy mill

And I even found time to mess about with Emma:

multi tulips

There was some map confusion below:

where shall we go next?

But we eventually found the worlds largest (plastic) tulip:

the worlds largest (plastic) tulip

I've picked a few of my favourite photos below but there's plenty more on my Flickr account here or in slideshow format here

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend - 07

ice cream tulip

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend - 23

lonely yellow tulip

Emma posing portrait

Keukenhof Sunshine Weekend - 71

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