14 February 2007

We're off to see the wizards, the wonderful wizards of Whistler

This afternoon I jump on a plane to Vancouver, Canada to catch up with my two best buddies in Whistler. The sods are working the season over there and I'm really looking forward to meeting up again. I don't even care that the record snowfall over there has died down a bit - I'd be quite happy just to chill for a few days and enjoy not having to go to work. But with 3 weeks over there I hope I do get to dig myself out of the deep stuff on many occasions. See the forecast here and current conditions here or maybe I'll even be on the webcams?!

Seeya soon boys and RIP Whereismal as I doubt I will make time to make updates for the next 3 weeks. But rest assured, the reincarnation will be worth the wait if I stay sober enough to remember the best stories...

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Lech, it's where the Dutch royal family go you know

So last weekend was another trip away snowboarding. I have all the photos and a few videos below to show y'all what a cracking weekend it was. Thanks Matt, George, Rich, Ben and Zach for letting me tag along.

So first was the Monster drive on my own this time but I'll let the gimp in this video tell you all about it ->

((I was kidding myself if I thought I would have time before going away to edit some video, watch this space for an update when I return...))

Then we made the most of the new snow and found some nice freshish lines to play with. Top highlights include Dicky's ability to spot some sweet lines in gulleys, a steep section where I enjoyed hucking a big ollie off and trying to stand firm at mach 5 and ride out, Zach's new found love of snowboarding - from zero to kinda hero in 3 days, Georges camera taking effort taking shed loads of pictures, Dicky's wall riding skills resulting in a near death experience, a fairly large red park jump, the bush tucker challenge riding through the undergrowth, iPod riding and ducking the ropes for the lift line for 3 fresh runs where no-one followed. But I'll let the pictures describe a thousand words more ->

Then there was the downside to Lech and that is that it is full of toffs. We were sat in one bar when some snotty teenager came up to George and said "My father has paid €250 for 2 bottles of Vodka which means these seats are reserved for us". Needless to say the response given was less polite and there was no departure from our seats!

But highlight of the weekend had to be the sledging. There was a purpose built tobogganing run which was floodlit until 10pm. On the first night we completed the Jagermeister challenge by downing a double at the top making comedy runs afterwards. Each run was chased with a beer until we passed 10pm and had to make the final run down without floodlights - so so dark but so so funny. We enjoyed it so much so that after getting narked with the toffs on the slope the following day we got the sledges again for some daylight off piste action. That was when I got "stung by a bee" - I think I am 2 inches shorter due to spinal compression from all the bumps and crashes. I've put the following video together of all of it for your amusement ->

((Again, watch this space for an update when I return...))

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11 February 2007

I flew like a butterfly but got stung like a bee

Originally uploaded by Whereismal?.
I've been neglecting Whereismal for a while but mainly cos I've not had much great stuff to add here. But I'm just back from another monster 2000km weekend mission to the Austrian Alps for some snowboarding. I wanted to upload this one photo of me before I hit the sack. The rest of the pictures will be added later this week. I'll also include the video of how I got "stung by a bee" but for now this is me flying like a butterfly :-)

05 February 2007

Drivers wanted

Busy busy busy but wanted to put a quick post here to say "Drivers Wanted" for another weekend snowboarding mission. I've sourced Friday off work and heading out somewhere to meet Matt, Rich and George. No details yet but get in touch if you fancy singing along in my wagon to get there.

02 February 2007

That Friday feeling

There are many many downsides to going to work but there is definitely one positive. That's the Friday Feeling and boy do I have it now. No blog updates recently cos I'm working like a mad man on this new project but I got on my bike tonight and peddled my wee heart out singing all the way home. I've got the buzz tonight, my mojo is back and can't wait for that first cold one. Logging off, hopping on Betty and heading city bound - over and out :-)