13 June 2007

Missing getting wet

The weekend just gone I witnessed the ritual ruining of Jenkins for his stag do. But before I humiliate him here I will allow him some time to bribe me by putting some photos up of the previous weekend.

I was missing the kayaking and I went for my first trip of the year to DWD. It was a glorious day and I was surprised to find I was the only kayaker there. There were hundreds of inflatable craft to dodge though so I took a few snaps of them. I hope the management soon wake up to the fact that if they drop their prices then the place would be swarming with kayakers handing out their dosh.

It was definitely a wake up call for me paddling wise. I was knackered instantly and my favourite wave there had gone - I guess because only 3 pumps were working as opposed to the 4 when I ran it previous. I didn't have the bottle to get munched in the main hole straight away either. It's about the size of a nasty level looping pool at HPP. When I finally went in there I went straight for a cartwheel and immediately found the bottom - "I'll pass on a loop then thanks". After a few kickings I'd had enough of that hole and proceeded to try and nail a micro eddy I had spotted. Think I should grow a beard and get a Dancer :-(

Flickr has released a new version of it's slideshow so click here to see my photos. Let me know what you think of the new format, whether it is better than embedding a smaller slideshow and keep an eye out for the bouncy castle style volleyball court!


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