08 August 2007

43kmph flying bananas

Last weekend was another short trip for me to the Filthy Trails. I'm off to Scotland and various other places soon on hols soon but I wanted to quickly get a few photos up here before I bugger off. I wanted to write more and tweak some of the photos but I know I won't get the time before I go away so this is all yer getting...

I've gotta show off this pic I created - it's a blinder ->

That's Styles who heads up the Filthy Trails crew building the trails. I had a quick chat with him about the road gap. 43kmph is what it takes, do the math cos that's pretty fast. I remember being a kid and not being able to go that much faster on a flat road in top gear. I bottled in for lots of pussy reasons which I won't give you the pleasure of listing here. But mainly due to not wanting to spend my hols in hospital.

This is me tho, taken by Styles on his compact camera ->

Still not going too small and I was pretty close to taking on the big drop.

Maybe next time and I was pleased to hear they might build a middle sized drop between the two cos I am more than happy nailing the smaller one at speed now to the point of over shooting the landing and hurting my ankles. I need something in the middle to work on next.

A couple more favourite pictures are below. I was experimenting with using the flash in combo with the bright sunlight. If only I got the first one a fraction sooner :-( All of the pics can be viewed in slideshow format here.


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