26 June 2007

Proud to be British, but you can keep the weather

I just finished watching the Henman opening Wimbledon match. Add to the the Glastonbury footage that I saw over the weekend and I was feeling quite patriotic so thought I'd waffle on here for a bit.

I'm not a big tennis fan, yes I enjoy playing the odd game myself but I hardly ever watch it on telly. Except for Wimbledon. I remember growing up going through all those horrible school exams using Wimbledon as revision avoidance. I love the British optimism that one day there will be a male Brit champion. Tennis optimism is not like football optimism. Football fans genuinely believe England could win the World Cup and would analyse to death the results/form/tactics/mistakes etc. Tennis fans just seem to cheer along even when there is no hope!

Wimbledon also marks the start of the great British Summer. The May bank holidays seem to kick it off and then it'll rain a bit during Wimbledon but it still will make me want to get out more.

I don't think I would be able to raise a tennis racquet today though as I went cable tow wakeboarding at the weekend and am now suffering from it. Arms, legs and stomach all kill. Another sign that I need to get out more.

Previous wakeboarding attempts, both behind a boat and on a cable tow, have left me a little disappointed with the sport. Once you get over the initial barrier of standing up, then it's relatively easy to carve back and forth. That gets a little boring for me after a while so I start to want to mess around a bit more - jump about and the like. Naturally this immediately ends in a wipeout.

A faceplant on a snowboard, kayak or bike normally only requires a dusting off and your able to get right back on it. Not so on a wakeboard, you've gotta wait for the boat to come back and pick you up or swim to the edge. That has got on my nerves before.

That was not the case on Saturday, I had a great time. I was up on my feet on the second attempt and making it around all the corners on my third. I was even riding switch with a few wobbles and tried my hand at jumping. Before the end of the day I had nailed a frontside 180 off the heel edge - surely that must have a better name?! Not down with my wakeboarding lingo ;-)

I was pretty stoked with that and made it my mission that evening to celebrate. Ending up in a nightclub called Odeon - I'm guessing where there used to be a cinema. After a slow start the closing DJ came on and was the best I have heard in Amsterdam so far. Laidback Luke is his name and by the looks of his website, he's been around so check him out if you get the chance. He played a mix of Daft Punks Around the World, whilst the VJ also projected parts of the same music video got me grooving in my usual chaotic style. He didn't need to drop Technologic or Rock 'n Roll later on - I was sold! Seems that quite a few clubs here have the VJ thing going on - is that on the increase back in the UK too?

The good thing about a night out in Amsterdam now is that you don't need your bike lights anymore. You can still head out at 10pm and wobble home at 6am in daylight!!!

Well bedtime now but one last thing to say is that I won't post for a while cos Emma is over again for a long weekend with Kate and Dale. Chemical Brothers, Themeparks or surfing again are all on the todo list. No doubt with some good stories to tell here if last time they were both her is anything to go by. Toodlepip...


  • i know you are pround to be brittish mal, i've seen you in your union jack shirt giving the winston churchill victory salute

    you should post that photo up here for all to see how patriotic you can be :-)

    By Anonymous jimbob, at 3/7/07 22:41  

  • Well I'm not the only one cos since putting up this page, I have had the most hits ever on the site. Nearing 200 individuals - and they are all searching google images for "Wimbledon Streaker" Ha ha ha

    By Blogger Malcolm, at 4/7/07 10:41  

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