23 June 2007

Get in there and get yerself a nosebleed

Last weekend just gone was a nice long one for me back in blighty. I was home to see Emma and we had an adventurous one planned but the rain called off half our plan which included the York Races :-(

I flew home Thursday night and for the first time my flight was delayed was delayed :-( At least I made it though as some flights were cancelled. Schipol was not allowing plans to land because of the rain! Which was the story for the weekend really.

Friday I joined Emma and her house mates to go and see The White Stripes amongst other at the O2 Wireless Festival near Leeds. It was pissing it down for most of the day so we spent most of the time in the smaller stage which was a tent. Once enough cheap nasty lager and smuggled in Vodka was consumer we were brave enough to venture outside. After The Thrills we spun on a few whirly rides at the fairground then headed to the main stage for the Queens of the Stone Age.

They were pretty good and the crowd were well up for it. We made headway to near the front and started jumping. There was a crowd of guys really going for it a few rows in front of us. That few rows soon became none and we were right on the edge of the pogo nutters.

Queens of the Stone AgeFeel Good Hit of the Summer

I thought I was doing a stirling job of jumping into and fending off any guys that were content at jumping into Emma and Jaks. Until the "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" song came on and the heavens opened to an absolute downpour. The crowd went crazy and it was awesome. That was until I met some of the mad guys that I guess had seen me pushing anyone away that was going a little too mad. They grabbed me and one guy said "Get in there and get yerself a nosebleed" !!! And that was it there stuffed me right into the thick of it.

Had I not been with Emma, I probably would've got stuck in and ended up with a nosebleed. But I thought it was wise to bounce my way through to the other side of the carnage and find my way back to everyone else. Little did I know, that Emma and Jaks had already escape and I was left on my own in the crowd waiting for The White Stripes to come on.

I had no phone and thought it was best to stay where we were last together. My new stripy hat came to the rescue and was spotted by the girls and we all enjoyed the fantastic White Stripes together followed by the largest hotdog in the world ever part III waiting for the taxi. Class :-)

That may sound pretty rough but it was in great spirits and I loved it. So I am quite jealous of those at Glastonbury this weekend but then again have you seen the weather?!


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