22 June 2007

Jenkins Stag Do

So the weekend before last was the last weekend of freedom for ex Winchester buddy of mine the mighty Gareth Jenkins. (Although it probably felt less like freedom and more like punishment to him!).

The weekend began quietly with those flying in to East Midlands airport from all corners of the UK (and NL) too late on the Friday to hit the town so a few cheeky ones were consumed at Jenkins Leicester pad - tons of furniture!!!

Best man Rian, dished out the T'shirts and the few cheeky ones turned into plenty especially when Stu produced a bottle of Goldschl├Ąger!

Then it went downhill with some lung (and heart) busting "I love me mates" singing.

I think that was just to escape from further drinks. Never fear, we made sure the stag got what he deserved and inevitably it ended in tears.

Up and at 'em the next day Jenkins put in a top effort to be alive and kicking for the Go Karting. In 3 teams of 3 and 4 we competed against 2 other large groups in a Le Mans style 2 hour race. Le Mans style as in constant racing for 2 hours with pit changes. The race even started with a running Le Mans start.

Although taking the number 1 team number, Jenkins blurry state meant his team never made it onto the score board!

Unlike the rest of us who took 1st and 3rd with also the fastest lap time - I'll claim that one ;-)

The afternoon was spent drinking Weissbeer beer in the glorious German Festival sunshine. We wore our T'shirts proud and so too did Jenkins wear his Oxfam dress. So proud that he even went to change his shoes to find a better matching pair?! Beeeeeep Gaydar alert!

The day soon quickly became night were curry was wolfed, glad rags replaced and the challenges commenced.

All the photos from the weekend are on my Flickr account and can be view in slideshow format by clicking here

Cheers G - I'm looking forward to the wedding :-)


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