20 July 2007

All quiet here

Sorry I know it's been all quiet on the Whereismal? front but I've not made time for ramblings this week. That's not to say I've got nowt to ramble about. Quite the opposite in fact. I've made it out to see the Bright Eyes and Fischerspooner since my last blog waffle.

The Bright Eyes were a refreshing change from the beat fest that had been pounded into me the previous week. Although it may seem like a simple sound coming from a 1 man show, it was quite impressive to hear all 11 musicians put the sound together. Drums, flute, violins, chello and guitars to name a few.

They also had a simple yet very effective idea for the back drop. It was a screen projecting images from a camera mounted on an OHP. Remember those overhead projectors from school? Well they had some gut sat up at the back drawing scribbles, moving objects, flowing ink over the top off one all badly in time with the music. This was all filmed and projected onto the back screen behind the band. You even got to saw his hand wave from time to time. I liked it for it's "live" and not repeatable appeal.

Just last night I went to see Fischerspooner. I love their Emerge song and the rest of their stuff is a little more chilled so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I didn't expect was a very camp lead singer, crazy outfits and bizarre dancing routines. Nevertheless, a cracking show and I left certainly well entertained.

One point to remember was when the lead singer asked the crowd that when he raises his knee, he wanted everyone to reach out towards his knee. Then when enough people had a hold of his foot he stood aloft! He was crowd surfing but on his feet! It may have only lasted a few seconds but it was awesome. He then laid down on his back and crowd surfed around the Paradiso whilst singing the rest of the song. I hope to find a better pic of him standing up to show here.

I'd love to waffle more cos I have plenty to say about my biking trip last weekend to the Filthy Trails but that will have to wait. Watch this space for tales of me taming the doubles, pics of progression and videos of outrageous shore and road gaps.

Well I've gotta hit the sack now cos after Jenkins' last weekend of freedom the old fella is getting hitched this weekend and I'm flying home to attend with Emma. Hope the weather holds out...


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