20 October 2006

Mathie on TV?!

So this weekend I may be on TV as part of the DWD opening weekend. Thanks to George back home, I managed to blag myself some free tickets by popping by DWD this afternoon and name dropping. However, I think I may have over blagged it this time!

Now I may be able to handle myself resonably well in a kayak. I've paddled a few tough rivers all over the world and surfed some pretty big waves and waterfalls. But I still don't know my Phonics Monkey from my McNasty when it comes to performing the latest tricks. So I think I may well be in a bit of trouble as I've commited to the following to get my free tickets:

1) On Friday I will be a judge of the Netherlands freestyle canoeing championships (let's hope I'm a variety judge, not a technical judge as some of the moves I can't even spell!)

2) On Saturday I will be part of the opening ceremony downriver demonstration to be broadcast on TV (Eurosport and probably local/national news)

3) On Sunday I will be joining in with the freestyle demonstration (I can count the number of tricks I can perform on one hand so I hope it's short!)

Bugger - perhaps instead of updating this blog I should've been out on the canals practicing?!

Ah well, I really looking forward to it. I'll take the camera and hopefully put up a good report here when I get back for all you HPP'ers. I can't remember the last time I had the chance to chuck the sleeping bag in the car and head off for a weekend to meet new people with no idea what's going to happen. So should be good. I've packed some Grolsch just in case so I'm sure I'll make some friends regardless of my kayaking ability!


  • Mate - that is seriously funny.

    I guess what's the worst that can happen? Oh you make a complete fool out of yourself on TV and get banned for life.

    Seriously though, it sounds hilarious. Can't wait for the update

    By Anonymous Peach, at 20/10/06 10:46  

  • That's cool how did it go?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25/10/06 00:32  

  • So did you discrace yourself on international TV then?

    By Anonymous Ben, at 25/10/06 00:32  

  • An update will be on it's way shortly but it all went to plan amazingly! Was the best weekend I have had here yet :-)

    By Blogger Malcolm, at 25/10/06 00:40  

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