13 April 2007

Crazy Valley 2007

As well as the Snowkayaking championships, 2 weekends ago also marked the start of the Dutch Playboat Cup. I went along camera in hand and took a few snaps on what was a glorious day.

Again it amazes me that with next to nothing the crazy Dutchies can organise a pretty good freestyle kayaking event.

Then there were two other obstacles not for the faint hearted (or more like weak backed!). A sizeable ski ramp...

...and a tow system incorporating a water ski jump ramp.

There was a comedy boatercross including bow stalls, cartwheels and obstacles. Also 2 attempts to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the longest bow stall and cartwheels.

Naturally, I was happy to stand on the bank in the sun and take pictures so I didn't compete. I have zero skill when it comes to flatwater moves, the ski ramp just looked painful.

The tow system looked fun but having already been towed behind a speedboat and over a full size water ski jump, the Dutch setup looked less inviting.

So here's the rest of the pictures in a slide show:

Below is a short collection of video clips I took showing the tow rope system and the ski jump:

This also gives me the excuse to dig out the footage of me hitting the water ski jump in the summer of 2004 in Canada. Pure comedy :-)

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