03 January 2007

Happy New Year!!!

So I'm back in Amsterdam after a great time back in the UK. I've got photos of the family and NYE with Emma in York to upload soon but thought I'd first add the BMX photos and DJ Yoda video that I promised in my pre-Christmas message.

I'll add my new photos once I get a spare moment cos it's been snowing all week in the Alps and I've got an itch to head that way this weekend. I've been couchsurfing tonight and emailed loadsa people to see if they'll put me up after the 8hr drive to get there. We'll see what happens there and I'll watch one more final weather report tomorrow night before making my final decision. "Should I stay or should I go now?" - name that tune and who sings it? It's stuck in my head!

So here's the DJ Yoda video. I saw him in Melkweg before xmas as part of the Flatground competition. He was not bad, a little slow to get the crowd going but got there in the end. I really liked it when he combined Scooby Doo images with the Thriller music video by Michael Jackson :-)

And here's all of the Flatground pics that I took. There's over 200 so if you like you can click any picture to be taken directly to my flickr account to browse through them quicker.

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