08 January 2007

Austria is not so far...

1913 km
€90 diesel
About 10 beers
2 x ski resorts
1 x minibus ride to middle of nowhere banging nightclub
Sun, rain, fog and snow
1 x cracking host family
1 x awesome house with own guest bed/smoking/drinking/music/dvd room
No understanding of lots of people
1 x banging hungover headache
1 x well appreciated and shared camelback
1 x dodgy underground carpark entrance to drum and bass nightclub
1 x mate not seen in a while
1 x 4am bedtime
1 x 1am
2 x 8am rises
1 x middle of nowhere German airport
Several F'king Germans
Multiple faceplants
0 x roadmaps
1 x GPS system
1 x return route somehow different to outbound route?!
1 x way out of control off piste descent
2 x shots of snaps
Several backside and switch frontside 180's
1 x "I'm sure we've got time for one more run" quote
1 x 2hr early flight checkin and a "Could've had loads more runs" quote
1 x backside 360
1 x bottled not fast enough attempt at jumping over a railing then off a roof
1 x scary too fast successful attempt at clearing said railing by too far and landing on the flat :-(
2 x sore knees
1 x repacking and weight distribution of wet baggage session
1 x rigged weigh in of wet gear bag
Several packs of jaffa cakes, bananas, and litres of water to stay awake on journey
0 x piste maps
2 x lift tickets
1 x fantastically cool chick for future "Has it been snowing this week?" contact

= an unbelievably amazing weekend!!!

Pictures and video of the over the railing roof drop to follow but thought I'd better let the mother know I am still alive after my mad idea to see if I could get to Austria to snowboard for just a weekend. But busy the next few nights so probably no write up till the weekend. ttfn

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  • Well where do you start?

    Most weekends out with you appear to have one thing in common - DANGER - and funilly enough this one didn't disapoint.

    About the only thing I knew before I set off, was that it was going to be eventful; which it certainly was.

    Whatever I write here in addition to your list above probably won't do the trip justice, but the highlights for me must surely be:

    Err snowboarding in Austria for two days instead of my usual sitting on the couch / doing nowt other than perhaps getting pished?!?!?!?!

    Being the slowest car on the motorway and still doing over 100mph

    The underground carpark entry to the industrial looking underground club / sister club out in the mountains

    The "landed on our feet here mate" aspect of our couchsurfed host

    When 1am qualifies as "a quiet, early night to get some rest before hitting it hard on the slopes tomorrow"

    Oh and the large steak and beers we had on Saturday

    Anyway, suffice to say, for a weekend that had so much potential to **** up - from missing flights to delayed luggage to nowhere to stay not to mention rubbish snow, serious lack of planning and two fools with little of a plan, it seemed to turn out reeeeet.

    So BIG thanks to Mal for having the stupid idea in the 1st place and HUGE thanks to all that we met, esp Denise and her outrageously generous family :)

    By Anonymous Peach, at 9/1/07 09:34  

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